I am a big fan of the action on Day 2 at Gettysburg. This book will be a welcome addition to any Civil War library. With paperback books selling for $35.00 or over, this large hard cover is a great bargain. With its limited printing, it will command a hefty price once it goes out of print. Mr. Woods is to be commended on his work.           

                                                                    Mark Wade  April, 2015

If you are into minute detail of the battle of Gettysburg, you will LOVE this book.           

                                                                       Cecilia Ann Marzulli    April, 2015

This is a great addition to the printed history of the battle of Gettysburg. Certainly a worthy successor to John Imhof's work. A great addition to the understanding of Day 2 in general and I think there are some great new pieces of modified interpretation. A really great book - and certainly a great value - lots of information packed for a low price in my opinion.               

                                                                       Harriett Brunelle   March, 2015

Excellent book, well researched, all sources documented. Shows the ebb and flow of battle on July 2nd at Gettysburg. Not only showing the major actions but also showing what's going on over the entire field. I would recommend this book to any serious student of the battle.                     

                                                                           John Winkelman   July, 2014

It is a must have for Day 2 addicts. You may not agree with every single one of his interpretations, but long-time Gettysburg Magazine subscribers know Jim Woods and how very meticulous he has been in his research. This book is a monster and will become scarce in the very same manner that John Imhof's and Phil Laino's map books became scarce. My advice is to grab one while you can. You will not be disappointed. This book is destined to take a very prominent place in the histriography of the battle.                           Scott Brown    September, 2014

Regarding "Gettysburg, July 2: The Ebb and Flow of Battle", I have been collecting books on the Civil War and the Battle of Gettysburg since the late 1950's. I have been to the Gettysburg Battlefield twice and have myself written a book on the battle which is in the Library of Congress. It is one of the best books I have seen and read in all the time I have done research of this battle.                                                                John Williamson     January, 2014

A "masterful book"..."insightful commentary"..."exhaustive research"..."invaluable"...a "must-have reference tool for anyone wishing to understand the second day at Gettysburg."                        Jay Jorgensen,    Civil War News , July 2013

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