Little Round Top, 2010
James Woods began his research on the battle of Gettysburg over 35 years ago.  At that time there was very little available in print that described the battle in any real detail.  Drawing on his business process analysis skills, the retired AT&T Manager applied the same  systematic approach to reconstruct the movements of the various regiments and batteries as he used on the job to construct optimum work processes.  Over the years, James shared some of the results of his labor of love in  a number of articles published in "The Gettysburg Magazine".
Born and raised in New York City, James and his new bride moved to Hillside, New Jersey in 1964.   A resident of Gillette, New Jersey for the past 28 years, James' interest in the battle, particularly the second day, never waned.
 His Children (Anthony and Anne) and Grandchildren (Danny, Jimmy, Katie, Sarah and Rebecca) and his patient wife Mary, have accompanied him there many times and  continue to indulge his passion. 

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